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Cupcake Prices

Mini Cupcakes $1.00 each

Mini Cupcake $10.00 for a dozen

Large Cupcakes $2.95 each

Large Cupcakes $32.40 for a dozen

All of our flavors are offered in mini as well as large sizes (unless noted) on a particular day.
You may order more than 1 flavor of cupcakes to make up your dozen.


Large Cupcake- $3.25

1 dozen- $35.75

Mini dozen- $12.00

Cakes- add $4.00 to cost

Gluten-Free Flavors

Vanilla w/Lemon icing

Vanilla w/Strawberry icing

Vanilla w/ Vanilla icing

Vanilla w/ Chocolate icing

Salted Caramel

Chocolate w/ Chocolate icing

Chocolate w/ Vanilla icing

**We can do colored frostings as well upon request.