Save money without sacrificing elegance!

Mini cupcakes are a less-expensive option for a wedding – without sacrificing elegance! Mini’s are sold by the dozen but can be mixed and matched to create your perfect collection. When planning, figure two mini cupcakes per RSVP. Mini cupcakes are exact replicas of the grand cupcakes except fillings. They allow your guest to try a few flavors and enjoy an interactive gourmet experience on your special day.


Cupcakes are the new cake!

They make a huge statement and bring class to an event. Less mess, more fun! Grand cupcakes are sold individually, you can customize your wedding order by selecting any quantity of any flavor to create your perfect tier.

Your order will include individual boxes for each cupcake – perfect way to customize your event. Many brides set these boxes next to the tier so your guest know they are welcome to take their cupcake home.


Cupcake – Mini Cupcakes – $10/dozen

Cupcake – Grand Cupcakes – $2.95 each

Cupcakes are discounted to $2.50 on orders over 100!

Tower Rental:

We have beautiful white wood towers that are available for you special occasion. They vary in size from 5 tiers to 2, easily taken apart or put together. The deposit for the tower also acts as your deposit to reserve the date of your event.

$75.00 deposit – $50.00 of that is refundable upon the returning of the tower. The tower needs to be in good clean condition when it is returned and needs to be returned within 4 days after your event. You are responsible for returning the tier, we cannot come back and pick it up.  Late returns and any damages to the towers will result in the forfeit of your deposit, so that we can replace the one damaged. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Down Payment

At the time of booking your event, we require 50% of your total bill plus any deposits for towers or delivery fee. Please note that we only book one wedding/special event per reserved date, so that we can ensure you get our specialized attention and customer service, therefore should you decide to cancel you will forfeit your down payment. You will however receive the rest of the amount on one of our gift cards, which you can use at anytime for any purchase.

**We do offer Delivery (for weddings only), its is $150.00 and we do not deliver more than one per day. Also, please note that we do not deliver if more than 35 miles away**